New friends

Sometimes when you are feeling kinda down your friends can turn that around. I had some friends come and visit this week and they have decided to stay :0)
Please welcome…

Spider-Man, Capt America, Wolverine, and Iron Man!
What adventures we can have!
Stay tuned and see what we are gonna do!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?


And the day just began….

Wow it’s only 9 am and I have been walking a lot all ready.
Started again on the metro and then to the White House Welcome center….

What a really neat place. There is a movie that shows during your tour that talks about what it’s really like to live in the White House. It’s a must see!
Then over to the FDR Memorial!

I even saw Eleanor!

Shhhoooooooo I need a nap!
Wonder what is next, but really I wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

Where is she going

So I was sitting around watching some tv today and I noticed Ohiophotogrl cleaning her camera and putting down stuff in a bag.
I asked her where she was going but she ignored me and kept right on moving along.
She did stop for a quick selfie with me

So I did some investigating….bag packed, maps from AAA, and lots of batteries being charged. I suspect ROADTRIP!

I’m hiding in her bag so she can’t go with out me!
Wonder where we’re going?
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

April 29,2014 dancing…we are dancing

So I used some magic water and shrunk again. This time to watch ohiophotgrl take her last two finals. When they were over we did the happy dance…

I busted a move…I met these two ladies while I was dancing! They are going to join us on some of out adventures!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?