I can help….

Ohiophotogrl went out for awhile today so I got the gang together to help with the laundry and the dishes.

We stared with the dishes. Ohiophotgrl came in the house as we were finishing up. We didn’t see her come in.
She went to put some stuff away and I went to help Optimus and Mr T get a stain out of ScottieScouts shirt. Optimus was pounding the stain and ohiophotogrl came in and offered to help with some stain remover.

Me and the gang make a great team. We are off to find some lunch!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?


Staying Busy

While cleaning the garage this weekend I found one of my favorite hats. So I put on some music and danced when we were done for the evening.
I read a few magazines so I could add them to the recycling pile!
Was a productive holiday weekend. Now I need to finish putting the laundry awat=y that ohiophotogrl started.
off to fill this laundry basket again.
Wonder what were going to do tomorrow.

Nov 3, 2013 mount laundry and another happy bday

So today I helped tackle what we call mount laundry.

All clean folded and accounted for except for one white sock. I do wonder where the sock mates go to live? Ohiophotogrl says she puts the socks in the washer and by the time they come out of the dryer at least one is missing.
We would like to wish a happy birthday to our pal Mrs Carol. May you have many, many ,many more birthdays!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?