June 23, 2013 parrot party

Today was my Girlfriend Ms Ally’s bday
She had a parrot party and boy did we have a good time.

I learned that its always five o’clock at the Cassel Cabana!

I even got a kiss from the bday girl

Busy busy day!
What a great day! Fun time had by all.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?


June 4, 2013 a place for my stuff

Today ohiophotogrl showed me a new place for my stuff instead of everywhere.

Now all my clothes and shoes have a place all on there own. She calls it my suitcase. I have really cool things in there that you all haven’t seem……but you will!
Ohiophotogrl says Ms Vicki is making something really cool for my trip next week.
Oh yeah I forgot to tell ya we are going on a road trip!
Wonder what we are gonna do tomorrow?