May 15,2014 what a fun day

So I went geocaching today.

Then we went to a shell shop. They had all kinds of big shells there.

It rained a little bit today but that didn’t stop our fun. We walked the beach this morning and found these great shots…



One more full day on the beach tomorrow…..wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

April28,2014 when will it be over…

I watched Ohiophotogrl study today. Boy I sure hope that she does well on her last two exams. The good news is that she keeps telling me that we have some new adventures coming your way and I am going to hold her to that.
I think I will sneak in her bag and give her some moral support tomorrow. Think she will see me before she leaves?
Well I know what ohiophotogrl is going to do tomorrow but I wonder what we will do after that?

Dec 24, 2013 Santa Claus is coming to town

Today I got dressed up and went to Ohiophotgrl’s dad’s house to help them celebrate Christmas.
I was in charge of carrying in the gifts.

That was ruff.
So then I decided I wanted to have some nuts.

As I was cracking them Kiki photo bombed me.

After all the passing out of gifts was done ohiophotogrl said there was one more and it was for me.

Ma helped me unwrap it. Look how big the box is.

Looks like my cousins Buzz and Woody have come to live with us! We are gonna have so much fun. Wait till you see all the adventures we are gonna have!
I want to leave you with one more thing….

Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Dec 19,2013 visiting with Kiki

Today ohiophotogrls sister was in the hospital for a little while…she will be fine soon but I got to tag along today.

She was hooked up to aal machine that made all kinds of sounds. But the really cool part was the snacks….

She shared her apple juice with me!
Take care of you Kiki!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Aug 2, 2013 I got mail

So my friends and I found this great App called Postale. It lets you send digital postcards right to people’s emails. (You can also send snail mail) Mrs Ally & Mrs Denna are out in Ky and they found some of my relatives while down in the hills.

I told Mrs Ally to give them our website and email address I would love to see where they fall on the family tree :0) I’m excited I have a family tree!
My Friend Ms Sherrie found one of my cousins while at band camp this week as well.

I love that I getting to see family…here I thought I was just a lonely Tator!
What a great day!

I get these shelves. Wonder what ill put on them :0) stay tuned lol
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

March 5, 2013 6 years ago today…

Today marks the 6 ear anniversary of Ohiophotogrls moms death. So we took flowers out to the grave site.

Mrs Opal P. Collins left this world way before any of us were ready for her to go. She never knew a stranger and she always left people with a kind word. Ohiophotogrl talks about her a lot. She thinks that Mrs Opal would have loved to see all the places that she takes me. Mrs Opal loved to laugh. There are many people that miss her everyday. But to know that she isn’t in pain any more gives us a calming peace.
I heard ohiophotogrl say
“I love you mom! I miss you every moment of everyday. Keep watch over dad like I know you already do. Watch over Kiki and Huck. The girls are doing well and growing like weeds but you know that too because I can feel you near them always. Your friends miss you too. They say I look and act just like you:0). I hope I haven’t let you down. I love you mom! Today, tomorrow, and always!
Then we went to check on PopPop. He is sad today too. We will go on but there is a whole in our hearts that will always remain.
RIP Mom Collins. Enjoy your day with the angles.