June 16, 2013 I need a nap

We had to come home this morning :0(
I have a lot more pictures still to share with you all from the convention, but ohiophotogrl says she is to tired to help me upload me yet. Heee heeee
When we got home I got mail!

One of my Girlfriends sent me a post card from her trip. Says I should check out Orlando Florida. Sounds like a plan to me!
Wonder what we gonna do tomorrow?


March 29,2013 Easter Eggs

Today was a fun day. I spent the day with Ma and Ms P getting the eggs ready for Easter.

We picked out the dye we wanted to use. And then spent some time boiling the eggs and then…

We got it together and started painting away. The eggs looked great.

Then we decorated PopPops trees.
First we put strings on eggs then we decorate


Ma was a big help as well.

Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow.

Jan 26 painting the stairs

Hey everyone ohiophotogrl here :0)
Mr P took it upon his self to do some decorating today. He did really well except for where he chose to paint can you tell where he is?

You guessed it on the stairs. Great pictures of some of Disney’s greatest characters but really on the stairs. Oh well at least he did a good job.
I did find him outside looking for the full moon

Wonder what we will do tomorrow?