Look what I found

See that green thing in my hand….it’s a baby cucumber! We are really growing stuff. I’m so excited. Ohiophotogrl says we still have a few weeks till it will be big enough to pick and eat. But it does show that our hard work is paying off! Do you have some veggies growing in your garden? Let’s see……

Wonder what we’re doing next?


More on Mammoth Cave

Yesterday I shared with you a fun weekend away! So today I wanna share some pics from inside the cave!


This was the entrance and the exit to the Frozen Niagra.  Ohiophotogrl and I volunteered to be the last person so we could take some photos with out people in them :0)


A stalactite hangs like an icicle from the ceiling or sides of a cavern.  A stalagmite appears like an inverted stalactite, rising from the floor of a cavern.


Boy after seeing all this cool stuff I got a nice long nap!


ill share more tomorrow!

Wonder what were will do then?

Did you see that

I went for a walk this morning with ohiophotogrl and I want you to follow us along…….

So we start walking down the Bailey Tract

Not so far into our adventure we ran into this guy…

Our first alligator sitting! He was a young one but boy was he fast. Ohiophotogrl caught this shot of him…

He was really neat. But we were smart enough to stay back and give him his space. No legs or potatoes for a mid day snack for that gator :0)
We saw turtles and birds and plants and bugs and butterflies….
What a great adventure we had today!
Then we stopped for some Zebra yogurt…

Yummy, yummy, yummy!

May 14,2014 “Ding” Darling again and a shell museum

So we headed out early back to Ding Darling and caught some really cool things…
Here are the Rosete Spoon Billed bird!
There were a whole lot of them.
And then there was this guy having some crab for breakfast…..
Then I met this little guy….
Then ohiophotogrl and I went to a shell museum.

What a fun filled day!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?