I can see clearly now…..

As ohiophotogrl and I look thru the last year of blogs we were disappointed in our lack of communication. 2017 is going to be a better year for us!

We like to hang out at the house and bake so I’m sure there will be some backing coming up! We have some parks we want to explore and friends we want to share with you.

Happy New Year! We will see you in 2017!

Wonder what we will do next?


Dec 30,2013 where are the matches

I sometimes wonder where all he matches to the socks go. Today I dug out all the unmatched socks to see if I could find their mates. Found a few and decided after the laundry is done if the sock doesn’t have a mate it’s going to the trash. That’s a good way to start the new year :0)
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?