A lot of painting going on

So Ohiophotogrl has been busy spray painting….so I thought I would help out. Just wait till you see what we are up to.

Here is some of my work.


But we are working on painting this:

It’s a work no progress but stay tuned it’s gonna be fabulous! Ran out of paint :0( wonder if we can go to the store?

Wonder what we’ll do next? 


July 4, 2013 wallpapering

Happy Independence Day!
Today we started prepping for the big paint job!
We stopped and got a lot of paint and tape and rollers.

I’m liking the green walls :0)
I had I do a little bit of construction so I took my tool box over.

The fun part was ripping wall paper off the walls!

My fav tool of the day though was my screwdriver….Turner

He was a really big help!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?