Halloween Festivities

Today I got to hangout with Ohiophotogrl at one of her photo shoots! We had been spending some time on FB telling people to come see us at This Old Couch here in Beavercreek Ohio.

The first thing we did yesterday was decorate for Halloween. We had straw and pumpkins and spiderwebs and ghosts just to name a few things. We took pictures and then the kids got to make a craft. There was watercolor painting and ghost making!

We took pictures of little ghosts and goblins. There was Mr bacon, a gorilla, a female swat team member, there where ballarinas, a hobbit, Elsa, Spider-Man, a hot pepper, a minion, Mickey Mouse, witches, a ninja, a pig, woody,a mommy, Harry Potter and a sugar skull girl! People brought dogs too! How fun! You can see pictures of these wonderful costumes on Ohiophotogrl Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/pennycollinsphotography

We decided to dress as superheroes for the day…this is me

We had so much fun! Met lots of neat new people! Makes me wonder what we are going to do next?


I’m sneaking in

Ohiophotogrl was packing her camera bag for a photoshot and I snuck in the bag. I wonder if she will see me before she leaves….I better close the case

Well she found me and we had a long talk about hiding. She told me stories of how kids sometimes hide from there parents and it scares them really bad. I know I just thought it would be fun to go somewhere with her but she explained to me that I can’t always go with her to her job. What if I got locked in the car? Or I snuck back out of her bag and got lost? Or worse yet got abducted ……I told her I was sorry. 

She put my favorite movie in the blue-ray player and I’m set for a few hours!

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?