Jan 22, 2014 Recycle

Today ohiophotogrl got to talk with some people about recycling. She called the waste managment in our area to order some other recycling bins. One is just not enough at our house.

We will be able to separate our recycling much better with the new bins. We recycle plastic, paper, and aluminum!
I hope to do my part to make this a better planet to live on!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?


Jan 8, 2014 plastic bags

Ohiophotogrl had me collecting plastic bags today so they were all in one place. We have a fabric bag that we put them in and use them for recyclables and for picking up poo from the yard. As you can see in the picture we don’t need any more bags for awhile. We have 3 bags full of bags. Guess we will be taking some to be recycled :0)
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?