Jan 1,2017

Today starts a new year. A fresh start if you will. Ohiophotogrl and I are looking forward to some great adventures this year. We want to show you some of the cool things that are around where we live and even go to some places not so close as well.

Not only adventures outside but indoors as well…like cooking special dishes…taking care of the dogs…even chores (I don’t like to do them either but we have too.)

The possibilities are endless!

That’s Ohiophotogrl ready to blog us into 2017!

We are ready to rock on the New Year!

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?


May 14, 2013 quiet morning

This morning I got up before everyone else and sat at the kitchen table and listened to the birds and had some time to myself. I grabbed some apple jacks too.

So what was I thinking about this morning. I was thinking about how much fun I’ve been having for the last 136 days. Just seems like yesterday I was bringing in the New Year. There are so many more adventures to come! Bring on the next 229 days of 2013!
With that said…..
I wonder what we are going to do tomorrow?