Time for your meds….


Hey everyone!

Sorry it has been a little while for a blog….Life at our house has been crazy. Ohiophotogrl has not been feeling to well and I have had to take care of her.  I have had to make sure she is eating and taking her meds.  Its a hard job but someone has to do it.

On a side note did you know that you are not suppose to give your medication to other people.  Thats right its a nono! The police station will gladly dispose of your medication if you have old meds or medication you can no longer take.  It must be out of the package but they have a place you can get rid of it without flushing it down the toilet or throwing it away.

Good news she is on the mend and we should be able to get out and enjoy some of this new fall weather!

Thanks for being along for the ride!  More adventures are coming :0)

Wonder what were gonna do next?



Not again

Ohiophotogrl isn’t feeling so hot today so I am going to take care of her.
I made myself a mask so I can’t catch what ever it is she has. I have been bringing her meds when she needs them and keeping her all covered up. She says I am a good nurse. Maybe that is what I will be when I grow up. I do like to help people.
Get well soon Ohiophotogrl.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Dec 19,2013 visiting with Kiki

Today ohiophotogrls sister was in the hospital for a little while…she will be fine soon but I got to tag along today.

She was hooked up to aal machine that made all kinds of sounds. But the really cool part was the snacks….

She shared her apple juice with me!
Take care of you Kiki!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

June 17, 2013 poor pop pop

Today didn’t end up as expected. We stopped by to see PopPop and he wasn’t feeling well :0(
Took him to the doctor and they sent him to the ER.

Ma and Aunt Kiki taught me how to play dots and then Ohiophotogrl had them check me too.

Looks like I checked out ok put PopPop not so much. Looks like they are keeping him a few days. No worries ill be here to help take care of him. That’s what a good tator does.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

March 1, 2013 The Little Clinic

Ohiophotogrl and I headed to the Little Clinic inside of our neighborhood Kroger store to see if they could help us with this cold.
As it turns out we have a sinus infection. We got an antibiotic, nose spray, cough syrup, and some other pill to help us cough it all up.


We are sharing some chicken and star soup and Gatorade. Hoping to fill better tomorrow. 2 days down isnt fun.
For some good news Luna the Sheltie hasn’t left our side.


Im going now to finish my soup and take a nap.
Wonder what we will do tomorrow?