March 22, 2013 I’m getting a pet

Today we had to drop of some empty pill bottles to SICSA. They use these to put medicine in for the adoptive dogs and cats. Ohiophotogrl collects them and then every month drops them off.
I went walking around while she was busy and saw this little guy


They let me play with him too

I spent the next several hours talking Ohiophotogrl into filling out the paperwork so we could bring him home so I could have my first pet.
I think we share the same soul

We filed out he paper work and here is just one of those forms.
We talked to the great people there and got to bring him home.

Now he needs a name :0)
What a great day. Thank you SICSA for helping my family grow.
Wonder what we will do tomorrow?

Feb 1 SICSA jewelry fundraiser

Today we spent some time over at SICSA. It is the neighborhood pet rescue center. They had a jewelry fundraiser and we went.
There is a raffle….

And of course lots of jewelry

SICSA is located at 2600 Wilmington Pike in Dayton Ohio.
If you are looking for a new family member please stop in and talk with the friendly staff. There web site is a great place to find out how you can help donate or even volunteer.
Ohiophotogrl and I had a great time taking with the ladies at the refreshment table. Thanks for entertaining us.
Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow?