First snow of the season…

I woke up all excited this morning hoping that we got some snow.
As ohiophotogrl looked out the window I peaked around her side to see if we had gotten any that I could play in.
I ran out the back door…

I forgot how cold it is out there…Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I looked up and saw this…

Ohiophotogrl says that is a sure sign that it is below 32 degrees outside.
So she put her boots on and came out to get me.

Well I guess I’ll watch a movie and stay warm..

Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?


Jan 2,2014 let it snow

I was hanging out in the window looking for ohiophotogrl. She was out shoveling but I didn’t see her.
The snow sure is pretty. They say we have about 5 inches out there.
More coming this weekend. Sounds like a good weekend to catch up on the laundry and read a good book! Or maybe make some cookies…yeah that’s it…we will make some cookies….haaaaaaa…..this should be fun. Should we tell ohiophotogrl now or wait till we are ready?
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

March 6, 2013 snow day

When we got up this morning there was snow and the dogs loved it. This time I stayed in because im still getting over that sinus infection.


But ohiophotogrl got out for a bit today and she says the traffic wasnt bad at all. The nieces had a snow day. So no school for them either.
Here is a picture ohiophotogrl took while out running errands today…


We are both on the mend!!!
Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow?