Baby it’s cold outside

Here in the 937 we were expecting to get 6-10 inches of snow yesterday. The good news was it wasn’t suppose to happen till after 3. So Ohiophotogrl and I went to the movies with some friends to see Marry Poppins Returns. What a fun, creative movie. Here is me with my snacks…

After the movie we checked the radar and they where just calling for rain till like 6pm. So we talked it all out and decided to stick around and watch Aquaman!

We got our tickets and found our seats. Our theater has recliner style seats that even have heat! Ohiophotogrl was really happy with that. We sat next to a young man that was really fun to sit with. After seeing the movie myself I’m not sure it was a kid friendly movie. Why do I say that….there where lots of bad words in the movie. Every time someone said one the 6 year old next to me would giggle. But excluding the curse words it was a good movie. The cinematography was really good!

Anyway it is really cold here in the 937. Gonna have to really bundle up. I let the dogs out this morning and they didn’t stay out long at all. Neither did I…

But I did build a snowman real quick!

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?


I’m ready for spring

Yesterday I went with Ohiophotogrl to run some errands can come out to the car looking like this

So I drew this about my feelings about the snow.

Then Ohiophotogrl told me it would be ok because we have our plants growing and soon we would be able to put them in the garden.

But today we planted two fig tree starts!

Keep your fingers crossed!

Wonder what we’re gonna do next!

I’m ready are you

Here in the 937 we got hit with a few inches of snow last night

It was really bad this morning, but as you can see the roads are now clear. That little spot by my nose…’s a resident squirrel. He came down from his nest to get the corn I left him :0)

I am so ready for spring! I ordered some seeds for the garden and they came in the mail yesterday!

This isn’t everything I’m gonna plant but a variety of the things I want to grow. Do you have a Garden? What do you like to plant in your garden? Stay tuned as it gets closer to spring, we will be getting the garden ready and even planting some starters ahead of time! I love to garden! This year we ordered heirloom seeds from no gmos. We will be sharing more about this as time goes on!

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?

Can bubbles freeze

Ohiophotogrl and I have been watching people blow bubbles when it’s really cold out side. Some of the photos are really neat! We thought we would give it a try.

First we mixed our solution.

We used:

1 cup of water

1/4 Cup Of Dawn dish soap

1/8 cup of Karo corn syrup (the clear kind)

Mixed it all up and then let it set on the counter for half an hour. We wanted it wall to be at the same temperature.

Then it was time to test our bubbles. There was very little wind. This is very important to know. Wind will burst our bubbles. It also has to be below 15 degrees. We waited till it was 12 degrees outside. We went on the back porch and turned on our porch light. There is a trash can by the back door so that’s where we aimed the bubbles.

Several bubbles landed and after 3-4 minutes this is what we got

Kinda looks like a doggie if you look in the bubble. We got frozen lines in there but no real cool patterns. The wind started to pick up which causes the bubbles to do this….

It was a fun experiment! Wonder what we’re gonna do next?

Happy Holidays

Woke up to some snow today. First White Christmas we have had in many years!

Got all bundled up and spent just a little time outside. It was really cold here in the 937. I forgot to share that I learned to wrap presents this year

I’m not great at it yet but Ohiophotogrl says I’ll get better at it.

Hope you all had very relaxing and holiday season. We did. Spent some time with family and begged out. Was a great few days off but I myself am ready for life to get back to normal! I mean I have adventures to take!

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?

Did you build a snowman

We had some snow last night and I got out there and built a snowman!

It sure was fun being outside but I didn’t stay out long. When I can back in Ohiophotogrl made me some hot cocoa and boy was it yummy!

What do you like to do on a snowy day?

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?

Winter is showing itself 

Today we had a bit of snow in the 937.

It doesn’t seem to stop me and ohiophotogrl from getting out and getting stuff done :0)

I like when it’s light and fluffy like this. However I should go find my hat and scarf. It sure is cold out here. Please Remember to wear your coat, your hat, a scarf  and your gloves if you go outside in this stuff. You could get frost bite and that just doesn’t sound like any kind of fun.

What is frostbite you ask? 

Frostbite is an injury that is caused by exposure of parts of the body to the cold. The cold causes freezing of your skin and underlying tissues. Your fingers, toes and feet are most commonly affected.  If you feel cold let your parents know. Very important to keep warm.

Wonder what we’re gonna do next

We got a little snow!

So Ohiophotogirl told me I could go outside today and build a snowman.
So I bundled up a bit….

I googled how to build a snowman. I collected a hat, some coal, a few sticks and a carrot and went outside.
It says you need snow. We have snow :0)
Then you make a snowball and roll it. You do this 3 times. So here are the pictures ohiophotogrl took while I did all the work.

Ladies, gentlemen, kids and animals is like for you all to meet my pal “Olaf!”
When I put that hat on his head he came to life! It was magical.
Ohiophotogrl says we can keep him but he has to stay in the garage where it’s cooler. He gives great warm hugs!

We are gonna go play now!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?


I went outside for a little while today and I found this going on…..

It’s getting cold quick….I’m gonna have to find my hat and gloves.
So I ran back in the house. I was trying to think of something to do when it hit me….

I should play on the bed. Ohiophotogrl heard the dogs barking and came in and caught me….needless to say there are no more potatoes jumping on the bed.
Oh well I’m sure I’ll find something else to do :0)
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

Jan 2,2014 let it snow

I was hanging out in the window looking for ohiophotogrl. She was out shoveling but I didn’t see her.
The snow sure is pretty. They say we have about 5 inches out there.
More coming this weekend. Sounds like a good weekend to catch up on the laundry and read a good book! Or maybe make some cookies…yeah that’s it…we will make some cookies….haaaaaaa…..this should be fun. Should we tell ohiophotogrl now or wait till we are ready?
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?