Look what I found

See that green thing in my hand….it’s a baby cucumber! We are really growing stuff. I’m so excited. Ohiophotogrl says we still have a few weeks till it will be big enough to pick and eat. But it does show that our hard work is paying off! Do you have some veggies growing in your garden? Let’s see……

Wonder what we’re doing next?

March 26,2014 what’s for lunch

Today I went with ohiophotogrl to the grocery. We picked up some veggies and fruit so we can keep eating healthy.
I put some eggs on to boil while she put the groceries away.

I was concerned about her cholesterol but she told me she only eats the white.
So I guess it’s egg whites and fruit salad for lunch. Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries YUMMY!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?
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