April 4,2014 a visit

So I was sitting on the couch watching tv and the doorbell rang. I got up to answer the door and low and behold…..

My pal Orange Crush was at the door. He’s been living with his friend Gretchen from NC. She has sent him here to help me on my adventures, when he’s not doing his own thing that is!

Kids of all ages meet one of my best pals Orange Crush!
Oh the adventures we are going to have!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow ? :0>


Jan 29 visiting a sick Aunt

Today ohiophotogrl and I went to visit Aunt Betty at Miami Valley Hospital. She was not feeling well so they are going to keep her for a little while. They are pretty sure that she had a heart attack so we went to cheer her up!
A hospital can be a scary place even for a potato. The doctors and nurses are going to take good care of her. She seemed to like our visit :0)
Keeping you in our thoughts Aunt Betty!
Wonder what we will do tomorrow?