I work out

I am trying to get in a routine so I can get more exercise. We have been watching out food portions! We have been walking more and I have been lifting weights.

As much as I love to play video games ohiophotogrl makes me turn off my game and go for a walk if it’s nice out. I like to walk. I get to see birds while I’m outside. If it’s cold we go to he mall to walk around.

We have been eating more veggies and we have cut almost all our soda pop out. I don’t know about you but I could drink a Dr Pepper with every meal. Not so much anymore. 

What do you do for exercise?

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?


You know your famous when….

Today ohiophotogrl and I went to a place called the Newseum! What a cool place I took some pictures. The first is ohiophotogrl taking a selfie for there wall…the second a great quote….the third is where the civil rights movement began…and lastly is the broadcasting tower from the World Trade Center in NY.




The coolest part of the visit was finding this…

You know your famous when you are on a mug! How cool is that!
Well I gotta get walking! This place is Huge!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

Did you see that

I went for a walk this morning with ohiophotogrl and I want you to follow us along…….

So we start walking down the Bailey Tract

Not so far into our adventure we ran into this guy…

Our first alligator sitting! He was a young one but boy was he fast. Ohiophotogrl caught this shot of him…

He was really neat. But we were smart enough to stay back and give him his space. No legs or potatoes for a mid day snack for that gator :0)
We saw turtles and birds and plants and bugs and butterflies….
What a great adventure we had today!
Then we stopped for some Zebra yogurt…

Yummy, yummy, yummy!