12 miles from home

Ohiophotogrl and I went on a little excursion this morning. We went to a little town close to our home called Yellow Springs. The have a field of sunflowers every year about this time. They are beautiful. We forgot to take a photo of us but here are a few from the field…

There were lots of bees which was great to see

There were even a few that haven’t bloomed yet.

The morning was a perfect time to go! Hope you all have a great rest of the week!


June 8, 2013 yellow springs

Today was the Yellow Springs Street Fair. We had a really good time. There is something for everyone there.

We saw a llama

We got some soap from Elder Forest.

We saw our friends at the Hawaiian Shoe Shack. We have missed you.

Of course we can’t forget Ms Vickie and her stain glass.

Let’s not forget that we played in the park too :0)

So much fun all in one day.
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?