March 23, 2013 part I the Easter Bunny

Today I want to share with you a few things. You can visit the Easter bunny for free if you go to Ester Price Candies on Wayne Ave. That is where this great Bunny was found. You can bring your own camera. You also get Jelly Beans….MMMMMMMMM

There is also the Fairfield Commons Mall where you can see this guy.

You can see this guy for free but you can not take your own picture with him. He was the most fun looking Easter Bunny ohiophotogrl has seen in quiet some time. I took my girls to the mall and well what a better memory then a picture!
I’m sure there are other places doing Easter Bunny Pictures as well if you call around. Still a week before Easter. Wonder if I’ll see anymore Easter Bunnys.


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