April 15, 2013 bad dreams and a car ride

The dreams were crazy again. I must have had too much candy, popcorn and cracker jacks yesterday. I had a dream that Heater the mascot for the Dragons tried to eat me!

The good news is in my dream Ohiophotogrl saved me and made Heater kiss my head to say he was sorry.

Glad that was only a dream :0)
Today we ran errands. We went to Pop Pops to drop some stuff off, we went to the post office to drop stuff off, we went up and down the stairs a trillion times to drop stuff off…heeee heeeee
Today I got to ride in the front seat. I even got to wear a seat belt.

The windows are rolled down and we sang to the radio…what a fun day.
Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow?


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