July 19, 2013 sanding and prep

Boy I’m really moving and grooving now.

I covered my mouth and nose as to not get the sand in my lungs :0)
Then I opened a few paint cans to see what colors they really were.

We have a lot of cool colors

Even a few drawing ing under the paint :0)
Some we will use and some not so much. But I’m feeling old about our progress :0)
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?


2 thoughts on “July 19, 2013 sanding and prep

  1. Boy Penny you are doing a great job, I’ve only been following since we gave blood together the other day and this is a really cute idea. I’ll try to follow the best I can.

    • Thanks for stopping in :0). Glad you like the blog :0)
      You can follow by outing your email in and it will update you everyday if you want. It has been a fun project and everyone love my pal Mr P

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