Nov 17,2013 ohiophotogrls bday is coming up

Today I got to hang out with ohiophotogrl and her friends while they celebrated her bday. It’s not quite her bday but close enough. I took a few pictures, I’ll share with you In a minute but let me tell you about this cool cupcake that Ms Lori had the ladies at Cakes For All Occasions make. They are located at 30 East Main Street in Fairborn, Ohio their phone number is 937-754-0804!

It’s a giraffes nose….how funny is that, it even has a purple tongue…..Heeeeee

Even candles to blow out….

My arms weren’t quite long enough to get me in the picture too :0)
I know I had a great time and ohiophotogrl loved to have some of her pals all in one place.
There were even werewolf noses for everyone! They were a hit as well,

All I can say is yummy!
What a fun time with friends!
Ohiophotogrl told people about me losing my pants all the time…’s true….they just fall off. Good thing she’s around to put them back on.

Well this party tator is ready to hit the hay!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow.


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