Nov 21,2013 dancing in the dark

I decided to hide from ohiophotogrl tonight. Usually the dogs trot back and forth across the floor before coming to bed so I hid under the bed with Maggie.
As I was sneaking out ohiophotogrl caught me

I told her I was dancing in the dark…lol. Not sure if she believed me or not.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Nov 19,2013 Ohiophotgrl’s bday

Today we celebrate yet another Birthday. This time my partner in crimes bday is today, Ohiophotogrl. We took cookies to her classes today and had a cool dinner.
Here is our bday girl…

With her bday cupcake!
I wanted to go play basketball but she said it was too clod for her to be outside so…..

I found the ball and bounced it in the house a few times. Needless to say ohiophotogrl took the ball away from me. Guess there is a rule of no playing basketball in the house :0( oh well.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Nov 18,2013 a present

So last night Ohiophotgrl got a really cool present from her special friend Samantha.

It’s an acorn. How cool is that! I’m going to put it with ohiophotogrls rock collection.
Thanks Samantha, I may have to keep it for awhile till Ohiophotgrl cleans her room :0)
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Nov 17,2013 ohiophotogrls bday is coming up

Today I got to hang out with ohiophotogrl and her friends while they celebrated her bday. It’s not quite her bday but close enough. I took a few pictures, I’ll share with you In a minute but let me tell you about this cool cupcake that Ms Lori had the ladies at Cakes For All Occasions make. They are located at 30 East Main Street in Fairborn, Ohio their phone number is 937-754-0804!

It’s a giraffes nose….how funny is that, it even has a purple tongue…..Heeeeee

Even candles to blow out….

My arms weren’t quite long enough to get me in the picture too :0)
I know I had a great time and ohiophotogrl loved to have some of her pals all in one place.
There were even werewolf noses for everyone! They were a hit as well,

All I can say is yummy!
What a fun time with friends!
Ohiophotogrl told people about me losing my pants all the time…’s true….they just fall off. Good thing she’s around to put them back on.

Well this party tator is ready to hit the hay!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow.

Nov 13,2013 popcorn and the DVR

Did you know that microwave popcorn has an expiration date. I had no idea. Ohiophotogrl has been using a hot air popper for the last year so she never thought to look at the dates on popcorn.

Oh well, she will have to pop us some air pop :0)
After the popcorn we will sit back and watch some stuff we DVR’D. Time to unwind.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Nov 12,2013 safety first.

Everyday before we go to bed ohiophotogrl goes to the front door to make sure that it is locked and chained. Tonight she let me check it. I’m a big helper around here!
Interesting fact about today it 11/12/13. What a fun date heeee heeeee.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow.