Jan 5, 2014 what can we make

Well we were suppose to get a lot of snow today but as of this post all we have seen is rain….thank God! But I thought it would be a good idea to show the gang what we do on rainy days.

Woody and I raided the cabinet and found oatmeal cookies and raisins. Wonder if we have all the ingredient.

We got butter!

We got eggs!

I found walnuts…sounds like we are good we got it all….let’s mix it together.


Woody and Jessie helped mix it all up. And then I put it on cookie sheets.

Ohiophotogrl put them in the oven for us and…

Jessie watched them cook away.
Ohiophotogrl took them out and…..

I got to try them.

And they were gooooooooood!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

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