Who is Mr P and Ohiophotogrl

I would like to take a minute and give you all a little background about me and Mr P. First of all I am a photographer and Mr P came into my life when I was a very young girl. Then a year and a half ago my friends bought me Mr P to help me with an art project and our journey began.
I have two young nieces that love to search the internet and it became hard to find them web pages that were age appropriate. This was really the beginning of Mr Ps Adventures. All last year I spent a few minutes everyday doing something different with Mr P and told the world about our life.
I am hoping that I am back at it now and will continue taking Mr P everywhere I go and telling kids of all ages where they should go and what they should check out….whether its going to the dentist or a baseball game we will share with you our adventures.
As far as who I would like to connect with via my blog…..I would love to just get more people checking out our blog and tell us where you are from.
That is what accomplishments I would like as well. I want to blog a few times a week or more and keep my followers coming back to visit us :0)
I guess what I really am hoping to do is learn what people would like to see, and to try give people a place to just get a quick pick me up during the day.
So sit back and enjoy! I’m gonna go work out now…..

Here’s to getting to know you all!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?


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