Lots of things to learn

While at Mammoth Cave you get to hear a lot about the guides who took people down into the caves. One of the most famous was Floyd Collins.

Mr Collins was an avide explorer of the caves.  Trying to link the Cave he had found to the Great Mammoth Cave.

He went caving alone and got his foot trapped and could not get it loose.  When he didn’t come home is brothers went looking for him.  They couldn’t reach him but brought him food, water and shelter and then went to get help.  Mr Collins died in the cave due to exposure.

He is buried in the Mammoth Cave cemetery right on the out skirts of the hotel and the visitor center.


There are so many stories like this that the rangers will share with you on your tour. you can read more nps.gov or google Floyd Collins.


All this walking sure makes a potato thirsty!

wonder what we will do next


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