Spring cleaning

With the weather in Ohio constantly changing (it’s not quiet spring yet) Ohiophotogrl has started doing some spring cleaning. I decided I should help.

While she was feeding the dogs I started cleaning the bathrooms. It really easy to help. 

We use Clorox wipes to wipe down the sinks and outside of the toilets. That is something easy thr even kids can help do. Then I helped clean the bathtub. I get out the scrubbing bubbles and I spray away. Then I let that set for a few minutes and get out my brushes and my rag.

I always remember to rinse them before and after I use them. We wanna keep everyone healthy :0)

Always remember that you can help out. If we all pitch in it doesn’t take long to complete our tasks and then we can play. Ohiophotogrl says when we get things done we can go see a movie tonight. I gotta go I have cleaning to do!

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?


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