Look at all that color

Yesterday we went and walked a 5K for “Holi.” What is Holi you ask! Known as the “Festival of Colors,” Holi is a festival celebrating the arrival of spring with bonfires, colored powders, and general mayhem. 

This celebration started at 8 am with registration followed by a peaceful meditation among the trees at 9:00AM. Stretched our muscles and hone our balance and breathing at a Yoga in the Park session at 9:15AM. Enjoyed Bollywood music and dance to the beats by DJ Mavi, starting at 9:30AM, And then National Anthems of the United States and India at 9:50am. This is us before..

They got the color ready for us

And then the fun began…

This is our grip at the end of the walk…

We had a great time! 

Wonder what we will do next?


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