Jan 2 2013

Today we started a blog.  WE have everything we need: our calender, IPad, Dr Pepper, computer and the two of us……yep we are ready to do this.   We hope to blog as often as we can.  We may not get to post everyday, however we will keep you all wanting to come back to see what we are up to.  Some days there may even be more then one picture.  If we can just figure out how the site works we will be good :0)

Thanks for stopping in.


After a hard day of blogging I decided to try the local Chinese restaurant.  Highly recommended.
CJ Chans in Kettering Ohio.  Here is a Picture of me there:

Me learning to use chop sticks.

Me learning to use chop sticks.

Good Night my friends.  Wounder what tomorrow has in store for us…..


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