July 10, 2013 veggies everywhere

Tonight ohiopotogrl and I stopped by the Bakewell garden.
It has really grown from when we were here last.

There are carrots, tomato, pumpkins and raspberries…

The carrot was really good

And we can’t forget the sunflowers, the lettuce or the grapes

Thank you Mrs Carol for sharing your garden with us :0)
Then we came home and found this on the sidewalk….

Thank you Ms Kayla for the drawling! We love it!
What a day!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?


6 thoughts on “July 10, 2013 veggies everywhere

  1. Mr P is an avid gardener I see.. lol My kids thought this was cool and are asking to do something similar with their teddies, Lego men, and pet pets *ponders* Might have to see if we can NOT include the teddies… I’ll report back.. lol

  2. We really enjoyed having a surprise visit from Mr. P and Ohiophotogrl to our garden! I’m glad you liked the tasty carrot. It was the first one from our garden. Come again soon for some more samples 🙂

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