July 11, 2013 Cox Arboretum

Spent an hour or so out at Cox Arboretum this morning.

The Butterfly house is Open!
There was only 1 butterfly to see today but there were all kinds I caterpillars! The lady that showed us around said there will be a lot of butterflies next month. We will have to make another visit.

He was a big guy!
We looked at the flowers and just had a good morning.

The butterfly was called a painted lady!
Any who, I wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?


4 thoughts on “July 11, 2013 Cox Arboretum

  1. It looks like you were flexing your muscle for that caterpillar, Mr P! I was to the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls once. There were a lot of butterflies, and it was very cool. Hope you do go back.

  2. You visited one of my favorite spots in Montgomery County. The Butterfly House will be full of colorful and dainty butterflies fluttering around very soon. Do let me know if you make another trip to the Butterfly House. I would love to go too!

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