Thanksgiving Prep

So today I helped Ohiophotogrl, Ma, and Honey Swamp make pies for dinner.
First off the ingredients….

I got the crust ready,

While Honey Swamp told ohiophotogrl when the milk was at 4 cups.

We pored the pudding into the milk and shook it up. We only had one problem…..

Ma forgot to hold the top shut….oops but for the record it was funny :0)uband it was Ohiophotogrls fault for not telling her to put her hand on top.
But all in all the pies came out GREAT!



Honey Swamp and I make a great team!

Ma and ohiophotgrl ended the prep with a taste test!

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours. We are so very thankful for each and everyone of you that reads our blog,
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

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