We found a really cool place today

Ohiophotogrl had heard of a place called Proto Build Bar so we went to find it today.
They are located at 534 E First Street in downtown Dayton, Ohio.
They help you design 3D replicas of what ever you want.

You chose your design.

It prints out. (Time varies on how long it takes to print but) let me tell you how cool it was to watch the printer work….COOL!
I picked up this guy

This place was so much fun to explore that we are gonna go back and design something ourselves one day.
They did have one other really cool thing there. The worlds largest Claw machine.

I know ohiophotgrl is ready to go back. It’s a great family place to go learn how 3D printing works.
Dads and moms they do have a bar inside. So on a night out you could plan a date night there.
Check out their FB page Proto BuildBar or their web page at www. Protobuildbar.com
That was so fun I can’t wait to go back and take some friends, who wants to go?
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?


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