I can make that

It has come to my attention that Ohiophotogrl love shortbread cookies. I accept that challenge to make her the best cookies in the land. How hard can it be right….

I have my ingredients and my recipe…no I can’t tell you what it is yet ohiophotogrl might steal my secret. I did get it off of Pinterest :0)

So I put my apron on and started mixing up my ingredients. I even get out the Scotty Dog cookie cutter. I rolled out the dough, throw it in the oven and…..

Ummmmmm……I’m thinking I did something wrong. They sure don’t look like the ones we get from Walkers. I better get the kitchen cleaned up before she gets home. I’ll have to try again. Maybe I should team up with Ohiophotogrl instead. That sounds like a better idea and she will clean the kitchen up after.

Wonder what we’re gonna do next 


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