Can you smell that

I was searching the web this morning and I smelt this really great smell so I went on a search to find it. As I got closer to the kitchen I heard Ohiophotogrl cleaning up the kitchen. Was she making muffins?

I peaked in to the oven and sure enough hat is where the smell was coming from. She told me that she was making Zucchini, Carrot, Apple, Walnut muffins. I must say I was intrigued. She told me she had gotten the zucchini from the neighbor across the street and had gotten the carrots out of the garden. She even showed me a picture.

All I can say is yummy!

Here is the recipe:

Let us know if you make them! They were great! She also added a cup of walnuts!

Have a great day! Wonder what we’re gonna do next?



As I was laying in bed I could smell something cooking in the kitchen….

OMG ohiophotogrl is making Scones! And when they were done

I sprinkled a little powdered sugar on them and OMG I am in heaven! 

Wonder what we’re gonna do next 

I can make that

It has come to my attention that Ohiophotogrl love shortbread cookies. I accept that challenge to make her the best cookies in the land. How hard can it be right….

I have my ingredients and my recipe…no I can’t tell you what it is yet ohiophotogrl might steal my secret. I did get it off of Pinterest :0)

So I put my apron on and started mixing up my ingredients. I even get out the Scotty Dog cookie cutter. I rolled out the dough, throw it in the oven and…..

Ummmmmm……I’m thinking I did something wrong. They sure don’t look like the ones we get from Walkers. I better get the kitchen cleaned up before she gets home. I’ll have to try again. Maybe I should team up with Ohiophotogrl instead. That sounds like a better idea and she will clean the kitchen up after.

Wonder what we’re gonna do next 

What is Gluten?

So ohiophotogrl and I have a friend that is showing signs that she might have a gluten allergy.

We decided to look it up and investigate. What is a gluten allergy…well it is a Sensitivity to gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye.

So we found a Scone recipe that has no gluten in it.

So we needed:

We are gonna use a little bit of real sugar instead of the stevia. 2 teaspooons of regular sugar to be exact. Then we preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

Then we mixed the dry ingredients in a bowl! Stir it around a bit with a fork.

We got out the Kitchen Aid mixer and put the eggs in and mix them up. Then goes the milk! Mix it up and add the coconut oil. Mix some more. Add the dry ingredients and turn the mixer on again. It makes kinda a dough. Add some dried fruit if you want. I added apricots and cherries.

It looks like this before you put it in the oven.

Take a spoon and drop little spoonfuls on a cookie sheet. And put it on the oven.

The recipe says bake for 20 minutes. Mine weren’t done then I had to back for 24 minutes. You want the sides to start browning and when you put a toothpick in the middle, you want it to come out clean!

All I can say is Yummy! We sprinkle a little powder sugar on top and serve!

Boy that was fun! 

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?